Bon Voyage Poems

Bon Voyage Poems: Traveling is much more than just flying off to an exotic destination in an airplane. It’s about making memories, spending precious time with family, tasting new foods and meeting new people. Capture this essence of travel with a beautiful message to say goodbye to someone going away – whether it is a weekend getaway, interstate holiday, sabbatical or an important business trip aboard. Wish your friends or family a happy holiday by sending a greeting card with a sweet poem. Say farewell on Facebook and remind them they will be coming back home to a ton of pending work at office. Assure them that everything will be fine while they’re gone. Let your wishes mark a great start to their journey.

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1) Get your eyes to become

Your HD camera

To capture the world’s

Beautiful panorama

Get your emotions to become

Fine and sharp sensors

To enjoy the sights and sounds

Of the world so diverse

Get yourself to become

A beautiful photo album

To store the memories

Of a holiday so awesome

Bon voyage

2) Embrace the sun’s glare

Feel the wind in your hair

Take a break from life’s race

Enjoy the rain drops on your face

Forget your worries as you leave

A sigh relief, you must heave

Bon voyage

3) As you leave for your holiday

You will be lounging on sunny beaches

I am sure that you will also love

Gorging on the most exotic dishes

But you will have to come back

To pending bills and a dirty garden

But until you’re away you must

Forget all that and have fun

Bon voyage

4) From snorkeling

To late night partying

For club hopping

To beautiful kayaking

From tons of shopping

To all forms of relaxing

May you have lots of fun

And experience all the good things


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5) Enjoy your holidays like a king

Bounce from one shop to another like a spring

Don’t be afraid to swipe your credit card

After all you have been working hard

Assume that you don’t have to go back to a job

Relax all day in your hotel like a slob

Enjoy your holiday to the best

Pamper yourself and take lots of rest

Bon voyage

6) You must be a little nervous, I can imagine

For the first time, you are going overseas

Stop worrying, everything will be alright

I hope my message will put you to ease

We’re pretty sure you’ll come back

With lots of stories and anecdotes to day

We wish you Bon voyage

May you have an awesome holiday

7) As you travel far and wide

Across oceans and high tides

As you come across new people

Who will make your journey special

As you find new things to do

Undertaking experiences that are new

Cherish every moment of your journey

And enjoy every moment to the tee

Bon voyage

8) On a luxurious cruise, to hop aboard

Is a luxury that only a few can afford

To such faraway lands, to make a journey

Is not everybody’s cup of tea

You are one of the lucky few

To have such a beautiful holiday due

Enjoy it to the very last bit

Think of us as being there in spirit

Bon voyage

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9) Visiting a new place every time

Will help you experience new cultures so fine

Seeing places known to only a few

Will help you to discover experiences new

Taking in new sights and sounds

With memories will make you abound

Bon voyage and good luck to you all

Enjoy your holiday and have a ball

10) Since holidays are meant to be

Fulfilling and carefree

Take rest and rejuvenate

At night, party and celebrate

Do things you wouldn’t do here

Bask in the holiday cheer

Calm your body and soothe your mind

Sleeps lots and take time to unwind

Bon voyage

Sweet quote to wish bon voyage

11) An adventurous spirit

With contagious zest

Is bound to make

Your holiday the best

A zealous soul

With great attitude

Will help you cross

Many latitudes

Bon voyage

12) Whether it is Bali or Bangkok

Tourists like you love to flock

To places most beautiful and exotic

Yours is always the choicest pick

May you have a fantastic holiday

For your safe journey, I will pray

Bon voyage

13) Whether you splurge to travel by plane

Or you save a few pennies and travel by train

Whether you book a luxury cruise

Or to drive to the destination that you choose

Whether you stay in a five star hotel

Or you stay in a budget motel

May you have fun in whatever you do

I wish bon voyage to you

14) As you travel to different places

And meet a rich variety of faces

May you come back enlightened

With your experiences deeply widened

By seeing something totally new

Witnessing things out of the blue

May you have a trip so memorable

That in your heart it always remains special

Bon voyage

15) No matter where you go

I always want you to know

For your safety I’ll always pray

Whenever you go on a holiday

My wish for you will always be

That you get back home safely

So enjoy without worrying

A great time, look forward to having

Bon voyage

16) Time will fly quickly

Enjoy every moment

Forget about everything

Nothing else is important

The only thing that matters

Is how you can make the best

Of your holiday

And forget about the rest

Bon voyage

17) You deserve to finally get

A luxurious holiday

Happy times and enjoyment

Will now make their way

Into your life because you have

Worked so very hard for it

Bon voyage, may you enjoy

Your vacation to every bit

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18) It doesn’t matter where you go

As long as you go somewhere

New experiences to unravel

Are always going to be there

It doesn’t matter what the length

Of your journey is

As long as the beauty of each place

You make sure not to miss

It doesn’t matter how far

You decide to travel

As long as you make

Each day very special

Bon voyage

19) As you bid your friends goodbye

To a foreign land, as you fly

Gather stories one by one

Of the things you did to have fun

Pack memories in your mind

Sit back, relax and unwind

We’ll wait to hear everything

Bon voyage, fly away with wings

20) The time has come

To leave every worry

And to abandon

Each reason for agony

That day has arrived

To set yourself free

And fulfill every

Whim and fancy

Bon voyage

Cute bon voyage message for friends

21) One more vacation

One more holiday

I am so jealous of you

Is all that I can say

On more break

One more sabbatical

To me your life is

Very enviable

Bon voyage

22) A seasoned traveler like you

Needs no bon voyage wish

For you know very well

How to enjoy and cherish

Every moment of your journey

Every second of your travels

Even then I will hope that

Your holidays is special

Bon voyage

23) Your journey will start

And then come to an end

But in the meanwhile

You’ll make many a friends

Your holiday will eventually

Find its place in photographs

But its memories be quotes

Even in your epitaph

Bon voyage

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24) You are bound to be

Really excited

For you’ve finally got

What you wanted

A relaxing trip

With your family

Bon voyage to you

Have a nice journey

25) Get to the airport in time

Don’t carry too much luggage

Carry your first aid kit

Without which you can’t manage

Stay light, don’t eat too much

You have a journey ahead of you

If you want more instructions

I can still give you a few

Bon voyage

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26) The best journeys of life

Are the ones that we take

In which lots of memories

With our families we make

The most memorable travels

Of our lives always become

The ones in which we gather

Moments that are awesome

Bon voyage

27) Pack your bags

Fly off in a plane

When you come back

You won’t be the same

Your travels will

Help you discover

New dimensions of life

And make it better

Bon voyage

28) Traveling to a land unseen

Going where you’ve never been

Getting thrills like never before

For adventure, opening new doors

Scouting for the best memories

Making new discoveries

This is what life is about

You’ll have lots of fun, there is no doubt

Bon voyage

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29) The beauty of Mother Nature

You will now see

As you undertake

A beautiful journey

The exquisiteness of this world

You will now experience

As you enjoy

Your holiday in abundance

Bon voyage

30) On a business trip

I know you’ll be

Even then I wish you

A happy journey

May your flight be safe

And your purpose successful

May you have the chance

To see a new place so beautiful


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